Nelson's Story

Nelson Noël is an Aspirant President Of The Republic of Haiti & activist to save Haiti. He aims to Establish Another Republic That Will Give All Haitians The Privilege Of Rebuilding Their Country.

It’s time to Bring back all the Haitian Diaspora to the political and economic table to Save Haiti. Today the diaspora contributes more than 40% of the national budget yearly, just by money transfers. The voice of the diaspora needs to be heard now, not tomorrow.

Who is Nelson Noël?

Nelson Noel, The Aspirant President of the Republic of Haiti & activist to SAVE Haiti.

Nelson Noël was a Haitian born on June 17, 1978 in the Port-au-Prince Commune of the Western Department of Haiti. He is the father of 4 beautiful children. He is a former student of Katrin Flon College, located in the Carrefour Commune of the Western Department of Haiti. He has specialized in community organizations for over 25 years in Haiti and abroad.

As an entrepreneur, Nelson advocated a new economy, known as the ‘Purple Economy’ through his world-class conferences and seminars, and founded Multiple Fusion Ltd * located in London, England and the United States. He also created ** Nelson Noel Foundation Inc in the United States, Atlanta and several other organizations in France.

For his work in inspiring and framing communities around the world, Nelson has received several International Awards. So among them is the Nelson Mandela Medal Award.

Nelson, a World Civility * leader, advocates for human rights and the ** Humanirian Diplomatic Alliance. Since the January 12, 2010 earthquake, Nelson has mobilized a lot of effort to help rebuild the country with many projects.

But the system in place never wants to let it pass. But that has never discouraged him from taking the initiative that he knows will be good for the 2000 Generation and the entire population.

In the Central Plateau, Thomasik, Haiti, he created a program called MEPHA, which covers farmers, small traders and the youth on the border of Haiti and our neighboring countries. He has created schools that help more than 500 children each year.

Today and all that Nelson has been going through in Haiti for 36 years and the massacre he sees are continuing against the Haitian population.

He stands up for a digital Political Revolution that he is waging through social media. He is advocating for a new system that will defend the interests and protect all Haitians living in the country and in the diaspora.