Nelson's VISION

Vision for 32 years

We, as a nation, need to discover a fundamental principle that served us to become the first free and independent Negro nation on January 1st, 1804. After all, we must be aware of why for the past 36 years, since the February 7th, 1986 revolution, the living conditions of the Haitian population are deteriorating. For this we will carry and defend a vision to Build the country in the next 32 years, Horizon 2022 to 2054. To end misery, poverty, insecurity and injustice.

Where the Haitian market will be open for investment in all sectors, security, agriculture, employment, education, health, tourism, roads, industry, transformation. Also advocate for a new form of cooperation to properly exploit our resources. To the advantage of the Haitian population, primarily the 2000 Generation. Which is the foundation and greatest wealth of Haiti.

Establish a country project every 32 years, which is a generational vision. The New Haiti project begins in 2022 and ends in 2054. This year marks Haiti’s 250th anniversary. In a prosperous and becoming the leading economy in the entire Caribbean, with a high quality of life and education in the world. Because education is free for all Haitians from first grade to university. Other points will come at the National Sovereign Conference, for Haiti’s new constitution.

our strategy

Our New Leader Strategy to Save Haiti on 4 Feet


Mobilize the entire Haitian population, living in Haiti and other waters through social networks. To accomplish this step, the 2000 Generation is the force of mobilization.


Remove the 36th Generation from the top of the country. Abusing the population, and destroying the country we all love, for 36 years.

Vision for 32 years

Defend a National Democratic project for the next 32 years. So Vision H54. From 2022 to 2054.


Give the power to the Haitian people and create the security conditions for a new constitution. Followed by new democratically free, transparent and credible elections.

The Foundation Haiti program for next 32 years

Following are 6 projects for the Republic of New Haiti’s national refurbishment project and program, which is also part of the Haiti refurbishment program following the January 12, 2010 earthquake:

1. Refounding the economy

With a galloping inflation rate that exceeds almost 19.7%. Encourage the inventory of our natural, marine and terrestrial, land-specific resources by department and product type to revive the agricultural economy, livestock, industrialization, eco-tourism, innovation and new technology… Encourage a new inclusive economy at all levels.

2. Social Refounding

Defend access to rights and social protection for the Haitian population such as security, nutrition, health, education, housing, leisure, cultural, religious, solidarity. 

3. Refoundation Of Institution

Fight for reform and restore the honor of state institutions, the independence and interdependence of the three powers, the legislature, the executive, the judiciary, and a police force, a new dignified army that deserves to be used to protect the people.

4. Civil Refoundation

To make the Haitian population and youth aware of a patriotic approach, respect for rights and civility to save the country. Above all, amplify the Haiti Horizon 2054 program together.

5. National Territory Refoundation

Fight for environmental protection, cadastre and techno-structural plans; developing the best infrastructure in the country to facilitate communication and territorial security, the new most sustainable and industrialized form of energy in the country.

6. Refoundation of International Cooperation

Working with our foreign partners to make Haiti a place on the map of developing countries and other developing countries; and move Haiti from a beggar state to an aging nation, as part of the implementation of the Horizon 2054 national project.