Dr Nelson NOËL.

We Carry and Defend a new inclusive and Solidarity economy, for the complete Refoundation of Haiti by 2054 hence VISYON H54

Dr Nelson NOËL

We are working together with all the Haitian people living at home and in the diaspora, to build a new Haitian society that is free, dignified, secure, autonomous and prosperous.


Vision We are building a bigger political dream with the Haitian people and a new economy accessible to all.

National Refoundation Program

We lead and defend a new National Refoundation project for the next thirty years, by 2054, called “VISION H54”. Vision H54 focuses on 7 National Refoundation projects for the next thirty years.

Which are:

  1. Refoundation of Prophetic identity
  2. Economic Refoundation

  3. Territorial Refoundation

  4. Social Refoundation

  5. Institutional Refoundation

  6. Civic Refoundation

  7. Refoundation of International Cooperation

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